Saturday, May 30, 2009

They Hate Our Freedoms, but the Little Flags are Quite Nice

Longtime readers are well aware of my minor (yet completely justified) obsession with squirrels. Now, via esteemed blogger J, comes word of the latest squirrel atrocity: desecrating cemeteries.

On a side note, many sparrow nests in the neighborhood now incorporate tufts of Gracie's fur, courtesy of Gracie, the Furminator, and a little elbow grease. We left the rather astonishing output of loose fur on our back lawn one day, only to notice birds swooping down to carry mouthfuls of the stuff back for their nests (although perhaps there is some avian/canine textile operation somewhere).


EMM said...

I love squirrels in the news but hate them in my apartment!!!

Thank God these squirrels are not communists.

God bless America!

Dave S. said...

I suspect that using a flag as construction material, if not necessarily anticipated by Federal law, is a violation thereof similar to using the flag for clothing etc.

EMM said...

I'm OK w/ the flag clothing. If it were that big of a deal/crime, we'd have thousands of tourists arrested each year on the 4th of July.

The Neediest Woman on God's Green Earth said...

Hey guys, apparently blogger Marindenver has a great Christmas tree squirrel story! I am working on obtaining details, but sounds like something for the squirrel meme. : )

Anonymous said...


I know of only one squirrel in your apartment and he/she/it didn't last very long as I recall.

Dave P.

Dave S. said...

Dave P.,

This raises the question as to whether you could fashion a flotation device out of one of those little flags.