Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Around The World...

Germany offers a combination of hiking and drinking (no mention of David Hasselhoff's music being played) to celebrate Dad, Mannertag!

From Wikipedia: "It is tradition to do a males-only hiking tour with one or more smaller wagons, Bollerwagen, pulled by manpower. In the wagons are wine or beer (according to region) and traditional regional food...Many men will use this holiday to get very drunk, to the point of having gangs of drunk people roaming the streets, causing much embarrassment to more conservative German people who don't participate..."

At P4500 we embrace different cultures! I hope the dads reading this post get to celebrate as they see fit.

Happy Father's Day!


Dave S. said...

In that same Wikipedia article was a reference to International Men's Day, so perhaps this adds another layer of lame to these lame-o's. On the other hand, there is that squishy word "international" (read "communist") so I will join JJV in rejecting it as yet another product of that known hotbed of Marxism: Trinidad and Tobago.

I was presented with lovely drawings and, a different kind of lovely, a gift certificate for the train store. All aboard!

sole wanker said...

Church, Played golf (94), drank beer, had dinner with the family. A great day in my book.