Saturday, June 06, 2009

Lannan Goes the Distance...Nationals Win!

John Lannan pitched a complete game and the Nationals beat the Mets.

Yeah, whatever, I know the Nationals are nothing to write home about. However, it was nice to win 7-1! Added kept the Mets fans subdued.

Of course when I read the line "goes distance", I immediately followed in my head with "he's going the distance...he's going for for speed..."

Enjoy a little Cake along with a home team victory!

Go Nats!

p.s. happy d-day b-day JJV!


J. said...

Go ahead, rub it in. Of course, if I had been there, the Mets woulda won. ; ) But I'm happy for Lannan, even with those weird red knee socks. And that must have been the fastest game on record. Wow.

EMM said...

We deserve a win every now and again :). Today's going to be another perfect day for baseball. Hopefully the Nats will take the series 2-1!

J. said...

OK. All's right with the world again. The Mets beat the Nats, decisively. (Sorry EMM.) PHEW.

Dave S. said...

Mmmmm, Cake...