Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My County, Now in Rap Form

For that part of Arlington served by the Orange Line, this is spot on, although I have no idea about the brown flipflops:


J. said...

Wow, really nice Whole Foods, dude. But, like, where's the Starbucks?

And here I thought you guys were roughing it...

Guess who's getting brown flip-flops for his birthday!

EMM said...

I love this! Even though I live in DC, Arlington is where I do most of my shopping...on Monday I bought 2 pairs of flip flops (blue and black, no brown) and Sushi at that Whole Foods. Would have gone to Crate & Barrel but it was already past closing time.

Am looking forward to my Saturday excursion to the "country" part of Arlington for a party.