Saturday, June 13, 2009

What's Good for the Airplane is not Good for the Goose

The increasingly prolific JWT has tipped me off to attempts to reduce the danger of birds damaging jet engines near New York City airports, with the observation:
Interesting approach. I suppose removing all the standing water from the five boroughs might be simpler.
Not to mention golf courses.

Will "Goose-Gun-Jet Engine" replace this as a tiebreaker?


J. said...

I took a gander at the article. Those geese are cooked.

As for JWT, he is increasingly becoming the Teller to your Penn. Let me know when you guys open in Vegas.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying, J, that having a voice in the comment box is like having no voice at all? I suppose that life under the big top offers relief from the constraints of one-liners.

I passed this along to Dave S., because I view geese as squirrels that are unleashed from the tether of hanging out at my bird feeders and digging up my container plants. If geese could train their land-based brethren to jump into jet engines, I would have a lot more respect for them.

BTW, happy birthday, EMM. We didn't forget about you.


EMM said...

Hmm, I don't see JWT as the Silent Bob to Dave S' Jay...nor the Teller to his Penn.

I've never had a Goose sneak into my apartment and cause mayhem, so to me, not as evil as the squirrels.

Thanks for the B-day wishes JWT!!!

jjv said...

I too wish you a happy birthday, and do manly things everyday.

MLR said...

Up where I hail from, in little Scotia Park, the geese were making the pond un-swimmable. But plans to "cull" (the verb used by the Times) the geese was thwarted by local naturalists who spooked the birds into flying away when the cullers were, uh, trying to cull. So the geese went to live at the Schenectady airport, where they pose a threat to the National Guard airplanes, among others.

Yet, I am amused that the NY plan hasn't raised the ire of New Yawkers. Not many naturalists where the only wild animals are geese, pigeons and rats.

Dave S. said...

Geese, pigeons and rats? You repeated yourself twice there.

Anonymous said...

In a late update, I note that there are press reports that the culling has begun, with about 800 vermin on the wing culled already. I assume that this is escaping the notice of animal rights groups because they are so fixated on the Obama house fly abatement system, hailed in the lefty press but decried by PETA. To my mind, house flies are one small step removed from mosquitos, the mites responsible for honey bee colony collapse, and the polio virus, but PETA apparently draws the line right there. Sure flies might accidentally pollinate a flower, but they far prefer to land on your food after visiting animal feces.