Thursday, July 09, 2009

Blogging, Books and Cocktails

The Other McCain posted pics above of a book party for Richard Brookhiser's new tome "Right Time, Right Place," about his time with William F. Buckley. Brookhiser also wrote a biography of Alexander Hamilton and your humble scribe and Mr.Brookhiser had a conversation on that and Hamilton College as well as the Alexander Hamilton Institute. He signed my book but now I'm not sure where I left it.

I had not met Mr. Stacy McCain before although I know his work. He bounds up to the very buttoned down Stuart Taylor and the undersigned poplar suited JJV and states "I told these kids pyslosybin mushroom tea and cocain highballs don't mix." I responsed, "everybody knows that already."

It helps if you know the folks from Reason were there. Paul Mirengoff of Powerline was there and we mainly discussed law which is how we actually make our living. Mark Krikorian was also very fun as was Quinn Hyler and his wife. It was a lovely night and a good time was had by all.

Richard Brookhiser gave a talk on how bad the 70's were and I could only applaud. Carter Delende est.

Here is R.Stacy McCain's website where he laments he can no longer be called a populist.

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Dave S. said...

As I mentioned to JJV, my invitations to these soirees keep getting lost in the mail.