Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Stanley Kaplan R.I.P. (Remember In Pencil)

I do not remember whether I took Mr. Kaplan's course for the S.A.T. but I surely did for the L.S.A.T. I can remember his taped, Brooklyn voice for part of the Course. I went to Colgate for the course as it was not offered at Hamilton. I used Mr.Kaplan's test books religiously one summer on Cape Cod, filling in all the little blanks and finding my weak points and then studying only those for the last 3 weeks. I then took the L.S.A.T. at a hall in Harvard where especially august alum go to die.

I think the repetition was worthwhile and agree with him that his course improves peoples test scores if they listen, practice and follow his methods. I was surprised to learn that his sale of his empire to the Washington Post is what is keeping that otherwise money losing enterprise afloat.

Finally, the Washington Post obit says he started doing this when refused a position because of quotas against Jews. It is no accident that quota backers always hate the SAT's and Mr. Kaplan's courses as "discriminatory." Rest in peace and remember to fill in all the answers when St. Peter questions you.


J. said...

Shouldn't this post be multiple choice?

Like you, I took a Kaplan course (at least I think it was a Kaplan course) pre-LSAT. This was years ago, after I suddenly decided I had to go to law school less than two weeks before the last chance to take the LSAT, and Kaplan had a crash weekend course. The result: I'm a writer (not a lawyer)! Though I don't blame Stanley.

MLR said...

I think I took Kaplan too. And cooly took the LSATs at Harvard also, where it appeared many had not taken a prep course, as they were MUCH more worried than I was.