Friday, September 25, 2009

Obama Strikes At His Own

Below, Dave recounts a bit from our college years. This little blurb on the banning of clove cigarettes by the FDA put me in mind of those days and also that it is pretty ungrateful as the clove cigarette smoking community is to my certain knowledge a lopsided Obama majority voting demographic. In those days, and thereafter when I have encountered them again, the clove cigarette was the province of hipsters and those just back from some exotic local abroad. I can still see the black clad, svelte yet diffident young women and the "every thing bores me" young men smoking the skinny brown cigarettes.

While a few of the Sigs (to allude to another fraternity) that smoked them may now be Republican voters I can not imagine the rest ever doing anything but voting for Obama.

Putting tobacco under the FDA spells the death knell of legal smoking. The FDA's charter is for safety and tobacco smoking is inherently unsafe. Either the FDA will have to abandon its mission or criminalize cigarettes. The clove smoking community is not particularly law abiding so I see massive resistance but its just a feather in the wind of where we will go with this.


Dave S. said...

The clove smoking community is not particularly law abiding...

Well, of course they aren't; they're using a banned substance! Can you link to the relevant Heritage Foundation study from which you drew that assertion?

The svelte yet diffident young women didn't give me the time of day either.

jjv said...

Yes, it was particularly annoying after a hours of sex to ask "what time is it" and be told "get a watch."