Thursday, September 24, 2009

Men Embracing Women

A commenter on this recent post chided me for a grammatical error, to wit:
"Knowing that the MEN had already performed . . . I tuned in last night to check out the GIRLS." (Emphasis [commenter's].) Dave, you went to Hamilton! Men are to women as boys are to girls.
I hang my head in shame. Hamilton truly did teach the differences between men, women, boys and girls, ably assisted by a fraternity system.

While I took this admonishment as grammar-related as opposed to a violation of PC, it did put me in mind of an amusing incident involving, as many such incidents do, our own JJV. I do not think it blows his cover to reveal that he and I both went to Hamilton, but I cleared this with him in advance just to make sure.

One day JJV and I were standing in the entrance hall of our fraternity house with another fraternity brother (let's call him XY), when in walked a female friend of ours (let's call her XX for consistency). XY greeted her with a casual "Hey babe" and got a minor earful in return. Being a gentleman, JJV waited for XX to finish before asking "What's wrong with 'babe', Toots?"

Please note grammatical inconsistencies, weird punctuation usage etc. in comments.


J. said...

1. You were in a FRATERNITY? Really? The things I learn about you, Dave S.

2. One of these days I have got to meet JJV. Preferably after imbibing a couple beers.(Still can't believe I haven't.)

3. Despite having gone to a "women's college" (as opposed to a "girls' school"), I have no problem with being called "babe," or "toots," for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Ah! The good old days when men were men and broads were dames.

Dave P.

Hugh said...

... when sex was dirty and the air was clean ...