Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Rockin' the Chakra, Baseball and Fat Tire Beer...

I took a weekend road trip to Arizona...although it was a whirlwind, I did manage to relax and came back feeling as if I had been away longer. Two of my favorite things are Spa and Baseball and I managed both in the Grand Canyon State.

I took a Saturday trek to Sedona, one of the most spectacular places I've ever been. In Sedona, I had an amazing 90 minute chakra reading and energy balancing massage. Yummy! I'm back in balance and have some lovely spa products to remind me of the experience.

Stadium 21 was visited! Sunday's activity was an Arizona Diamondbacks game at Chase Field. Due to the 115 degree temperature, the retractable roof stayed closed...kind of like being in an airplane hanger (the roof was open when we flew over the stadium prior to landing, which was cool). A very nice family adopted me and filled me in on all of the stadium's details. The dad quoted all the Bull Durham stuff that goes through my head when I watch a game.

The three "rules" when visiting a stadium are; a beer, a hot dog and at least 5 innings of play. All of the rules were followed. The hot dog was smokey, slighltly charred and spicy (the bun to dog ratio was perfect). I stayed until the last out...the D-backs beat the Astros.

Honoring rule #1 was the best part of the 21st park. CHASE FIELD SERVES FAT TIRE BEER. I almost cried. for a mere $10.50, a lovely, frosty cold, 20 oz. brew was MINE. A very nice lady poured my magical elixer into a plastic cup and apologized that it was a little foamy (it wasn't). I told her that I did not care since we don't get FT on the East Coast and that she had made my day.

Ahhhh Balance, Ahhhh Baseball, Ahhhh Fat Tire Beer!


Dave S. said...

An entire wing of the known blogosphere is very jealous right now.

Congratulations on #21!

J. said...

What Dave said.

You have just described my perfect weekend. I am amber with envy.