Tuesday, September 08, 2009

To Boldly Go...

Forty three years ago the first Star Trek episode aired. It taught the important lesson that one should not seek out old girlfriends. Even now it has a contempory message! Also, avoid salt. Old Trek is the best Trek!


Dave S. said...

Great minds think or at least read alike - I just saw a note about that.

The two messages are noted, although I would amend the first to observe that there is apparently no need to seek out old girlfriends as new ones keep showing up. Must be the pointy sideburns.

Live long and prosper in syndication!

J. said...

The Internet... the Final Frontier. These are the continuing posts of the blog Potpourri for $500. It's ongoing mission: to explore strange news articles, to seek out new fans and new commenters, to boldly go where every blog has gone before.

[Insert theme music and chick in mini skirt here.]

Other things we've learned from Star Trek... in addition to never trusting a guy named Mudd, not a good idea to keep Tribbles as pets, and that green girls are hot.

Dave S. said...

We have all forgotten the Real Prime Directive:

Don't hang out with the captain while wearing red unless your surname is Scott.

jjv said...

Is it only a coincidence Traficant was released yesterday?