Monday, September 07, 2009

Just Trying to Do My Civic Duty Here

Why does Home Depot, at a location recommended by JJV no less, sell 1" diameter flagpoles and, right next to them and with no alternative, flagpole mounting brackets for 3/4" diameter poles?

I better pass this on to Glenn Beck.

In the meantime, I mounted screw hooks on our side porch to hang the flag vertically, and, as a large majority of Americans do, promptly signalled that our house was in distress by hanging it the wrong way. Fortunately, a visit to this handy site made the helicopters stop circling overhead. The animated demonstration of folding the flag into a triangle will come in handy this evening.

Happy Labor Day, everyone!


J. said...
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J. said...

What, were your American flag bathing suits and towels in the wash, Dave? And what is up with Home Depot? (And we Americans wonder what killed the manufacturing and retail industries in this country.)

EMM said...

We violated the flag rules!!! We flew the Irish flag below the American Flag...I knew all the other rules. Eeek, better call my dad!