Saturday, November 07, 2009

Interest'n Fact Thea Nahmmie...

My last vote (other than strategic voting in primaries) for a Democrat was for Joe Lieberman against Lowell Weiker in 1988. I then switched parties and have never pulled the Democratic lever again in earnest.

Mr. Ratzenberger, a staple of Pixar voice overs and seen wherever Cheers still runs, is contemplating challenging Senator Lieberman. Under no circumstances will he win in the state wher I went to high school. Joe Lieberman is considered right-wing there. I only wish he had challenged Chris Dodd, because then he could have been a Senator.

Nawmi, a Republican will beat Lieberman right after you don't order the all you can eat buffet at the hungry heifer.

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Dave S. said...

Ratzenberger was also in A Bridge Too Far. On the other hand, so was everyone else.