Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Please, For God's Sake, Visit Cleveland

I have been to Cleveland three times so I cannot be swayed by this (NSFW sound) promotional video:

This is equally, uh, compelling and makes a good point at the end:

Now this makes me want to visit Cleveland just a bit more:

In terms of openings, though, nothing tops this:

I remember seeing that and thinking it weas the most amazing opening credits sequence I had seen on TV, but what followed was kind of disappointing, although it picked up in later seasons and I really liked "Whose Line Is It, Anyway?"


J. said...

I just booked my ticket. Who's with me?

EMM said...

Hello Cleveland!!!

The Cleveland dudes could use some lessons from the Arlington dude. It is kind of cold for brown flip flops this time of year.

Dave S. said...

EMM, as a fellow Western New Yorker you can imagine how long brown flipflops would last in slush.

Unknown said...

As a Cleveland apologist I can say this: rarely if ever will you visit a town that makes you feel better about your own.

Go Browns!

pbr rocks said...

not sure if this will transfer:


cut n paste n enjoy