Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Face of Cowbell Fever

Or not.

Update: J has informed me via comments that the subject of an ostensibly-amusing video is in fact blind, a fact of which I was not aware when I grabbed it from Awful Announcing. I have removed the clip and replaced it with this apology. (Subsitute "blog post" for "fork" in the dialogue.)

On the original subject I defer to the authority:


J. said...

You know that that woman in the cowbell video is blind, yes? Congrats on making fun of the disabled. JJV has won. (Weeping.)

jjv said...

This may be the single funniest thing that has ever happened on this site. Dave reminds me of Matt Dillon's character in "There's Something About Mary." "I love retards!"

EMM said... I'm going to hell for laughing.