Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Heh Indeed

Congratulations to JJV for bringing down Chris Dodd with a skillfully-crafted memetic attack. Not that I minded the subsequent Instapundit link and insane albeit brief spike in traffic.

Of course, this means that Dodd's Senate seat, in danger of going Republican had he stayed in the race, will almost certainly remain Democratic. So, congratulations, JJV!


jjv said...

The Reaper gets Ted and I get Dodd. I agree that the Democrats will likely retain the seat but it will be a race and AG Blumenthal is head and shoulders above Dodd in the corruption/demagougery scale so it is nonetheless a plus.

Dave S. said...

It will be a race in the sense that it takes at least two people to race each other. Other than that, not much of a race.