Friday, January 22, 2010

It is Well that Late-Night Television is So Terrible, Otherwise We Would Grow Too Fond of It


EMM said...

Benjamin Mason, TV Watcher, Donut Eater. Too funny!!!

I love Ken Burns' series.

J. said...

Mmmm... doughnut.

That was BRILLIANT. Thanks for posting, Dave. Though if K"en Burns" wanted to be accurate, he would have said/shown that Conan's troops (the viewers) had long abandoned him before the Leno/NBC attack and that when they crossed the divide/river back into Late Night they found a still feisty but broken Conan, though Conan put up a good fight at the last minute and managed to raise new troops, albeit too late.

And just like the South (and Germany after the first World War), Conan shall rise again. Though for now I wish he'd quit his whining, give his $33 million payout for FAILING to charity, and go away.