Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Life Lived Great and Small

Up until about four years ago this blog had a regular feature called Setting Sons, eulogizing primarily British veterans of the first half of the twentieth century.

Now, from our side of the pond, comes word of the passing at age 99 of Captain (retired) Pliny Holt of the United States Navy. In addition to an incredibly productive career at the forefront of technological developments, Captain Holt was also an accomplished model railroader, modeling the Oakland (CA) waterfront in N scale. As you look at those pictures, keep in mind that the passenger cars are about six inches in length.

On a personal note, several of the structures in the pictures are out-of-the-box plastic kits, albeit assembled with great skill and well integrated into the layout, that I own myself. That's both daunting and inspiring at the same time.


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EMM said...

Impressive on all counts.

Be careful of the glue Dave S...does the train room have proper ventilation?