Sunday, February 07, 2010

In Other Sporting News...

Perhaps you're already immersed in the pre-game coverage of the Super Bowl? Maybe you're local to the DC area and are in a snow-coma? The snow-coma coming from having watched nothing on the local stations but mind-numbingly excessive snow coverage.

Wake up citizens!!! The Washington Capitals are on a roll. A 14 game winning streak!!! The Caps beat the visiting Penguins today.

Georgetown put Villanova in their place with a win yesterday. Go Hoyas!

Kudos to both teams and their opponents for playing during/after Washington, DC was ravaged by the Snowcopalypse. Good to know that the fans have their priorities straight and were able to dig out to make their way out and root on the home teams!

Now back to the Super Bowl. Who Dat? Go Saints!


J. said...

Who knew you were a hockey fan, EMM? Go Caps. (Ovechkin deserves the "Alexander the Great" moniker.)

Coincidentally, I attended my first NHL hockey game last night, at the Garden. Thankfully, the Rangers beat the Devils this time. Yay!

Good luck with the snow, or rather digging your way out of it. Amazingly, this one missed us.

[Verification word: "wunter," which seems very appropriate.]

Anonymous said...

I made it to the supermarket today and noticed that, in addition to the expected lack of milk, bread, and eggs, there's an absence of condoms in town. There were a few magnum packs, but the typical northern european will have to rely on the rhythm method or repurposed sandwich bags. Look for a big incoming class in fall 2016.