Thursday, March 18, 2010

Emanations and Penumbras

Robert Stacy McCain (the Other McCain) in analyzing Dennis Kucinich's switch from "no" to "Yes" on healthcare notes that he says "healthcare is a civil right." The ever subdued, never hyperstated Mr. McCain says some people think having a 6 foot tall red headed wife 30 years your junior is a civil right, but there are not enough to go around.

Go to the link to view Mrs. Kucinich and her husband. Her tongue stud is not visible. Henry Kissenger on aphrodisiacs comes to mind. In fact, I have long had a theory that she had to marry him as he had spun all her straw into gold and yet she could not guess his name.

In the spirit of risibility that Congressman Kucinich inspires they are calling the deal he made to switch "the Klingon kickback."

The title of this post harkens back to Justice Douglas who in the infamous Griswald decision claimed a right to birth control in marriage emerged from emanations and penumbras of the Constitution. This case on marital privacy was of course written by a notorious cad, womanizer and blackguard. Not surprisingly, this awful man who was married four times the last two when over 60 to....wait for it... two law students, seriatem, in their 20's. While he once issued an injunction against the bombing of communists in the Vietnam War (quickly rescinded by all other justices) he never got the chance to declare the right to a young red head and thus opression continues to darken American society.

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