Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Merry Strasmus...indeed!

Thank you to Dave S., for wishing me a Merry Strasmus today.

Glad what has been touted as the 2nd coming of Jesus went well . The Nationals could be contenders...I don't care when. I will always be able to say that I was a fan since day one.

Yea!!! Strasburg got the win and had an impressive first outing. Now everyone can relax. Hopefully he has a Crash Davis in the club house making sure he wears clean shower shoes and won't f&^$ with a streak. Also, he needs to learn that women don't get wooly, they get weary.

I believe, in the church of baseball.

Go Nats!!!


Dave S. said...

Fourteen Ks from a groundball pitcher. Even against a bad team that is pretty impressive.

If we can get Harper to lighten up (literally) on the Groucho facepaint, we may have something here.

J. said...

14 Ks in just 7 innings!!! And he didn't walk a single Pirate!!! (I was flipping between the Mets-Padres game -- Mets won in the 11th! -- and the Nats-Pirates game and the season finale of Glee, and my remote is now on strike.) He's already turned curve balls into strikes and strikes into outs. What's next, pitching on water?

Hey, you guys deserve a little happiness (though not Bryce Harper).

Dave S. said...

Hey, you go live in a division basement for five years, then come back and we'll discuss whether or not we deserve Harper.

J. said...

Uh, Dave, I'M A METS FAN (and a Jets fan). And I am well acquainted with the view from the basement. Is it so much to ask for my team to get one phenom? Huh?

Dave S. said...

I believe Erin and I would both have to answer yes to that, as your teams happen to be in the AFC East (home of the only actual New York team) and the NL East (we have not one, but two Zimmermans). Rather bad luck, there.

J. said...


EMM said...

Yay - Nats win again tonight - and the rain held off.

Sorry J, we're taking all that we can!!! We've been poo-pooed for 5 seasons...good for us!!!

Play Ball!!!