Tuesday, November 23, 2010

C is for Cookie...and Campaign!

My parents started my love affair with TV when they bought a tiny 13 inch black & white with the UHF channels in 1969 just so that I could watch Sesame Street. But enough about me and my BFF, TV.

So, Cookie Monster is campaigning to be on SNL. A few months ago parents were up in arms over Katy Perry's cleavage in a video with Elmo. Will these same parents try to put the kibosh on Cookie Monster's campaign? I hope not, and I hope that if CM does make it to SNL that he does all the same naughty things as Betty White. Put the kids to bed.


Muppets Rule!

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J. said...

And A is for Awesome! I saw someone tweet about this and thought it was a joke. Thanks for setting me straight, EMM.

Wishing everyone a delicious Thanksgiving...