Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Somebody's Baby Gets Put in a Corner, That's for Sure

My own personal Dancing with the Stars prediction: Len walks off when Bristol Palin wins.

Let's hear yours in the comments, plus any post-show discussion.


Charlene said...

What's Dancing with the stars? SMILE

EMM said...

Jennifer Grey deserved to win...kudos to her at 50 to perform so well and look fantastic. I could have done w/out all the DRAMA and Dirty Dancing References.

Kyle Massey was all personality and was fun to watch from the start. Len (who did not have to walk off) pointed out that Bristol Palin was the opposite of Kyle, better technique but lacking in performance.

Good for Bristol Palin, she put up with a lot of crap and for an amateur held her own. Anyone who disliked her soley because of her mother, is a baby and should be put in a corner for a well deserved time out.

As for Brandy, who SHOULD have been in the finals (and come in 2nd to Jennifer), her downfall was having a prima-donna a*&hole for a partner.

You'll have to excuse me, I must go and prepare to do my favorite dance, the Mashed Potato!