Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Five Years, Six Bloggers, One Thousand Posts

It's true. Not only did Potpourri for $500 begin five years ago today, but this post, thanks to a gratuitous and cleverly named previous post, is Post Number One Thousand. How grand.

Many thanks to my co-bloggers, who are here somewhere, and to the readers and commenters who have taken time out from their busy lives to visit. If the latter have seen the former anywhere, please let them know that I miss them.

As part of the anniversary celebration, I have added a section called "Essence of Potpourri" on the upper right side of the page, featuring a couple collections of themed posts. I particularly recommend the Happy Hour posts by my colleague JWT as models of erudite hilarity. (Yes, it can be done.)

Coming soon: more rutabagas! Also layout updates (crossing fingers), rants from right, left and center, and anything else that lands on the corner of Inspiration Street and Spare Time Boulevard.


EMM said...

I am woefully behind in contributions and comments. My name is EMM and I am a workaholic.

Thank you Dave S. for including me in P4500! Who knew that squirrels, grocery bagging and beer would be such hot topics? Kudos to you on the layout/train progess!

I will raise a toast to your fearless leadership this weekend at Festivus and again with the rutabagas on Thanksgiving.


J. said...


Mattie said...

Congrats, Dave!