Monday, December 13, 2010

Root for Your Favorite Root

Although more famous as the birthplace of my dad, Ithaca, New York is also home to the International Rutabaga Curl, being held this Saturday. I note with approval the inclusion of a Turnip Toss for the kiddies, although my son could certainly handle the larger root vegetable, as the picture accompanying this recent post suggests.

H/T an anonymous fellow Hamilton grad known for his modesty among many, including those on the masthead.


J. said...

Alternate title: Cause it's root, root, root for your own swede.

International Rutabaga Curl? Who knew?

Btw, got stuck behind an SUV with a Hamilton sticker the other day. Apparently it knew when to get off the Merritt. ;-)

EMM said...

For 2010, Orphans' Thanksgiving should feature the Rutabaga Curl & Turnip Tossing. Who needs touch football? God bless the Empire State.

EMM said...

S*%#, I meant 2011.