Monday, December 20, 2010

Sex In Space

This geeky piece on Sex in Space is, I hope, tongue in cheek. However, there does appear to be vital information in it. The key take away for me is the incredible amount of sex apparently available to male Antartic station chiefs. I mean, astronauts and fighter pilots are famously good fake careers for pick up artists. But Antartic station chiefs being swamped by female attention down there in the ice pack was completely unknown to me.

Apparently, the first thing a female antartic researcher does when reaching Little America or what have you is enhance her breast and derrier's appearance to attract the antartic station chief. Yet I have never seen a Discovery channel piece on this.

I believe reality T.V. is missing a bet here.


J. said...

I've got one word for you, JJV: Barbarella.

Dave S. said...


1) Tongues in cheeks would appear to be the least of the problems.

2) The first sentence of section 3 originally ended with the word "dammit."

3) Note the use of the word "potpourri" in a decidedly different wat than employed here.