Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sic Semper Arlington

I have spoken in the past about the creeping liberalism seeping down from the North with bad manners and gun free vehicles. I have even derided Maryland (to whom, I assure you Virginia no longer calls) but I believe I erred. I believe I have ascribed this sort of zoning law to Maryland and stated it has no place in Virginia. But apparenlty it does. This piece makes clear that it is in Arlington, not Maryland where someone is being prohibited from painting a dog on their garage. I think Pompei with its canine mosaics-such is the fall of Virginia liberty here in Jim Moran's central citadel.

I weep for Arlington when I contemplate God is just.


Dave S. said...

"Bad manners"? What, did I not return a phone call sometime within the past two years? I will ice skate in Hell before I follow the etiquette prescriptions of the landed gentry of Falls Church.

I am amused by your evocation of Pompeii, given that its more famous artworks did not take frolicking puppies as their subject. Not for nothing was the city known as the Arlington of Campania.

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