Monday, February 28, 2011

The Last Doughboy.

Its a long road to Tipperary, and the last of those who sang it in ernest has walked on. World War I veterans were very old when I was very young and now even the youngest has been felled by the silent artillery of time.



Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that he had been alive for 47% of the existance of the U.S.


JCC said...

A post that JJV and I can completely agree on. I salute Mr. Buckles and his entire generation for their service. I saw a great line about this: "and so WWI passes from memory into history."


MLR said...

JJV -- Someday your sons will think you very old for having remembered seeing WWI vets, just as I'm amazed of my father's memory of seeing Civil War vets march in parades when he was a kid.