Monday, March 28, 2011

Reality Bites: Beak and Talon Edition

Solving the age old quest for a squirrel-proof bird feeder, P4500 presents a soon-to-be-very-active eagle cam, beaming currently from a tiny hamlet in northeast Iowa. The world is watching, including at night, thanks to a night vision camera. The action begins in earnest on or about April 1, but you can't appreciate the before and after if you don't check out the before.

We can hope to see squirrel served frequently this Spring, but this nest is sited very near a fish hatchery. It's almost literally fish in a barrel, so trout will certainly be on the menu.

UPDATE 3/29/11: It looks like the recommended snack of the day is rabbit, although judging from the progress made today, the rabbit is more decorative art than meal.

UPDATE 4/2/11: The hatching has commenced, and it's now clear what the rabbit's role is in this affair--decorative and functional!

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