Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sixth Annual (Delayed) Rutablogging

We have had quite the busy Thanksgiving here, so the annual tribute to our favorite root vegetable is overdue.

This year we had hoped to use some of our own crop in preparing one of our contributions to the Thanksgiving gathering. While our rutabagas certainly were high achievers in terms of foliage, they came up a bit short in the actual root category. Here we see the Canadian rutabagas I bought at the grocery store, with our largest domestic product lounging seductively in front.

Despite the fact that these were some of the largest rutabagas I have seen, they are far outgrown this year by Fiona and Bryan. Raven seems skeptical.

After much peeling, chopping and boiling, Laura turned the waxy tubers into a highlight of the Thanksgiving meal. I am, as always, thankful for her especially, for our kids, for raven, and for all our friends with whom we spent a delightful holiday. Now grab your credit cards and pepper spray and get shopping!


EMM said...

They were delicious! Could the larger Rutabagas be used for bowling? Something to think about for next year.

Thanks for sharing the lovely photo!

LAM said...

Please see