Sunday, December 04, 2011

Raven Reflects

This weekend marks the end of Raven's antibiotics regimen and we have also been cleared to take her on walks outside of the back yard. Raven's first excursion through the neighborhood was a sensory overload experience, as there are (or had better be) vastly more smells out there than in our back yard. I also sense that she does not have a whole lot of leash experience, but she is making progress there as well.

Last night Raven spotted her first Arlington rabbits*, in the yard of a house down the street. That must have been great for her whippet side, as the breed was designed to run down small mammals, and the rest of the walk was spent on the lookout for more small furry things. (I wonder if her Lab side would then cause her to bring back the rabbit gently in her mouth. Best not to find out.)

Some of the streets in the neighborhood are short on street lights and sidewalks, and since Raven is almost entirely black Laura went out and got her a new reflective pink and silver collar, to which I transferred her various tags this morning. Here she struggles mightily between showing off her bling and scooting over to me because she had not had human contact in at least thirty seconds. Fiona indignantly denies this but I am becoming convinced that Raven is a cat in a dog suit.

*She may have seen other rabbits before coming to live with us. Arlington rabbits are easily identified by their iPhones and brown flip-flops.


smrty.mrty said...

Just wait until you take her for a walk in the woods -- sooo many good sniffs. (I'm speaking for my dog -- I wouldn't personally know.)

J. said...

Some dog.