Wednesday, January 25, 2012


When Dave S. (a.k.a. "J. Jonah Jameson") consented to my participation in this blog, he had the unreasonable expectation of immediate output on my part. Some explanation is in order for the delay of my first "real" post.

Dave introduced me on December 20. Four days before Christmas. Really? Any idea how hard it is to muster an original thought regarding the holiday season? War on Christmas dogs singing jingle bells Christmas Food Court flash mob -- blah humbug.

Then there's Reddit. Pay a visit if you haven't. You'll find concentrated badinage, organized by topic and moderated. I've enjoyed more belly laughs from the wit on this site than from any other source I can remember. Reddit = black hole of free time.

Finally, there's Skyrim. This game is often heard to be compared to crack cocaine, but that misses the mark. To this gamer, Skyrim is cannabis, only in video game form. Habitual playing of Skyrim leads to loss of motivation in all areas and a distorted sense of the passage of time. I know this is true because, in this game, I've actually passed an enjoyable real-life hour sorting and storing virtual armor, weapons, food ingredients, potion elements, and miscellaneous expedition accoutrement into virtual drawers, closets, and sacks within my rustic virtual house. Sadly, my Skyrim cottage (named "Breezehome") is neater and better organized than my analog cottage ("Sh**hole").

Why then am I here? Therapy. 

I realized that when I apply myself to a task that takes a serious amount of time or effort or concentration (such as preparing a complex stew, shuffling a reorganized bookcase, copyediting a dull manuscript, or rewiring a network), my inner monologue as I perform that task turns to: "Why aren't you writing something?" Sometimes I think a thought that, at that moment, seems eminently publishable. 

But when I put myself in front of a blank screen and start trying to actually write, I think: Time for a quick check of Reddit, or Skyrim, and how's that stew coming along, better have a taste. 

Time to break the cycle and break the silence. As for future posts, I will try to meet the bar set by the other writers here: Writing something interesting.


Dave S. said...

Your bar is one word too long. Welcome!

Powaqqatsi said...

Perhaps you could recruit this lad for SC2?

J. said...

What's with the font?

Bob C. said...

The font problem could be one of two things. It could be Blogger trying to "help" me. Rather than type directly into the Blogger interface, I used a local .rtf file, cut-and-paste, then tweaked the links. I thought only text would be pasted, but the font/style info may have carried over. This is this other possibility.

Dave S. said...

Considering that our colleagues are posting using invisible fonts, you can write in Zapf Dingbats as long as it shows up.

If I had to lower the bar any further I'd need to dig a trench.