Tuesday, January 10, 2012

There and Back Again, in a Contractually Minimal Way

The prolific correspondent whose nom de blog continues to escape me, but in other circles has been known as the Mad Bombardier, has sent me a very interesting piece about an early animated version of The Hobbit, predating the Rankin-Bass version by ten years or so and especially instructive in its cautionary tale about contracts. (Side digression, 'cause this is one of those posts: Gollum was voiced by Brother Theodore, whom I remember from his bizarre appearances on Letterman in the 1980s.)

At any rate, I had much the same reaction as Krusty's to the replacement cartoon for "Itchy and Scratchy":

Recalibrate by watching this:

Many thanks to MB for sending that along. I'd offer him a spot on the masthead but that would probably dry up his output.

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