Friday, April 27, 2012

Science Fun for the Whole Family

Yesterday, I had an enjoyable morning helping my neighbor set up his booth at the USA Science and Engineering Festival at the Washington Convention Center (Mount Vernon Square). The existence of said Festival was unbeknownst to me prior to yesterday's volunteering. The first Festival occurred 2 years ago on the Mall and they upgraded to an indoor venue this time around. Aerospace, environment, robots, bugs, chemistry. It's all there! While unloading cargo in the bowels of the convention center, I saw no less than 5 dewers of liquid nitrogen being filled and hauled up!

The expo floor has a mix of science and engineering booths aimed at various ages from Elementary to High School. And there are shows on several stages throughout the day. If you have some free time and feel the urge to see and do some science, head on over! My neighbor Bob is at the Mars Society booth (across the aisle from Georgia Tech booth) and has several hands-on demos including landing/impact craters! Tell him Nick sent you. Though, I'm not sure if that gets you a bonus or escorted from the floor.

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