Wednesday, May 02, 2012

If You Took All The Girls I Knew When I Was Single And Put 'em All Together For One Book

David Maraniss, a pro-Democrat, historian who spends his days making the likes of Bill Clinton look good is publishing a biography of President Barack Hussein Obama. In this book he tracks down some of the incidents in Obama's own "Dreams From My Father" and finds discrepencies. He then asks President Obama about them and the President tells him that he "New York girlfriend" in the book is a "composite" of many girlfriends. At the link the President desribes how he did this partially out of concern for the girl's privacy and I have no reason to doubt him. Understandably, however, some are making mock. A game has been invented wherebye a name for Obama's composite girlfriend is invented. Entries so far include 1) Ivayna Taxya; 2) Sue Arizona 3. Fannie Mae 4. Rhoda Serfdom 5. Joan of Tarp 6. Rita Stribute 7. Sharon Miseree 8. Sosha List 9. Sharon Yourwelth and 10. Karla Marks. My own offering? Nan E. State. Well, what should Obama's composite girlfriend be called? As Simon and Garfunkle sang about a similiar exercise "It would never match my sweet imagination...." P.S. Blogger has changed its interface so I don't know if the link works. And hat tip to Professor Reynolds at Instapundit.


J. said...

Sadly, Pussy Galore and Plenty O'Toole were already taken. (That's Obama -- Barack Obama.)

Dave S. said...

First paragraph, last sentence. Fix your own damn link, I'm not going to enable your lizard-brain hackery any more than I already have, which is plenty.

jjv said...

Lizard Brain hackery? I'll have you know this is at least Lemur brained hackery!