Thursday, July 19, 2012

Meditations in a Time of Short Back and Sides

I am dimly aware of living in a swing state, once I adjust for the fact that we live in the bluest part of the Old Dominion. In that sense I imagine JJV must feel like the guys guarding the wall in Game of Thrones ("Progressivism is coming... to Falls Church"). I had also heard that both presidential campaigns had invested heavily in advertising in local media, i.e. the Washington, DC TV stations. However, since we don't watch a lot of broadcast TV (I don't see Channel 4 running Chopped anytime soon) I didn't realize the extent of the ad buys. (I could also be missing the ads run on more general/news-oriented cable channels; see my Chopped comment above.)

That changed earlier this evening, when I took Bryan for our monthly-or-so father-son haircut. As an essentially captive audience to the local news, I lost count of the campaign ads run in a span of 30 minutes, mostly from the Obama campaign. The TV wasn't tuned to Fox, so that was two things in my favor. The third was the EMP-level interference generated by the electric razors, which scrambled the signal whenever they were in use, which was frequent as it is that kind of place.

It would be interesting to compare nightly news programs' ratings in election and non-election years to see if the absolute barrage of election ads has any impact on viewer habits.

The chief takeaway from this, however, is that my son and I both got a great haircut.

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