Tuesday, July 17, 2012

All Righty Then

I have been reading Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo site almost since its inception, and it has always been a good source for news and commentary. I was unaware, however, that it was making a play for News of the Weird's territory until I saw this piece about a US Senate candidate bowing out of the GOP primary race to assume the position of "U.S. Senator in the Republic of the United States of America." Well, it's certainly easier than going through the primaries, general election, fundraising etc. Plus, you never have to leave your own mind! Gingrich would have saved a bundle had he realized that.

According to the Republic's website, the US ceased legitimacy in 1871 when it was replaced by the "United States Corporation." There may be some confusion with the establishment of the Second Reich in the same year, but that took place in the Hall of Mirrors as opposed to the Hall of Smoke and Mirrors.

Go on over to the site and take a look, but don't make eye contact and for God's sake don't sign anything.

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J. said...

They lost me when they didn't capitalize the "U" in "united States."