Saturday, July 14, 2012

Why? Because They Don't Make Rotary Phones

This guy is unknown to me but he does the same schtickt as the UPS commercials.  I found his presentation very good and worthwhile and the story of the Wright brothers v. Langley was not konwn to me.  Best of all however was his comparison of "early adopters" and "laggards" in technology.  As the owner of a blackberry who will not give it up until compelled by its bankruptcy I know what he's talking about.  Scoff all you like but no funds were wasted on betamax, New Coke, or Chevy Volts in my house!  Of course, keeping the gramaphone and typewriter in repair is getting pricey. .

Yes, per Dave's arch comments (no doubt typed from his hovercraft from his electronic brain implants)I changed my earlier statement about the Prius to the Volt.  An indisputable failure of the "futurists."


Dave S. said...

"betamax, New Coke, or prius's [sic]"? One of those things is not like the others. In fact, none of those things resemble each other. The first was a victim of superior marketing, the second was cover for switching from sugar to corn syrup,* and the third is a fairly successful car with several model years uner its belt.

On the other hand, the recent heat wave/blackout did a number on my wax cylinder collection.

*Almost the only tinfoil-hat conspiracy theory to which I subscribe.

Dave S. said...

Oh yes, indisputable indeed. Electric cars are just as useless as newborn babies.