Thursday, August 02, 2012

But Will He Allow a Chick Filet In the Dar e Salam?

Sometimes I despair of the West.  The incredulity with which people take the claims of the Left on everything from global warming to "sex changes" (removed the y chromosome did they?) as well as the tendency to believe the worst about Westerners and the best about even the most horrible adversaries of civilization, has sometimes lead me to believe we are, in John Derbshire's constant lament (with Geek chorus by Mark Steyn)  Doomed!

But then I read what they get up to on the other side.  Sick, Sick people but I fear them less and less when I read this stuff.  Ready this without smiling, I dare you..  

If that is the only way to obtain the "dominance of Islam" I think we are in good shape.

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JCC said...

JJV, leaving aside your cheaper jabs about sex change operations and whatnot, I present for your consideration: Richard Muller, global warming denier, who headed a massive two year study (funded by the Koch Brothers, among others) on climate change intended to highlight the weaknesses of the climate change crowd. Muller's conclusion: "[G]lobal warming [is] real .... Humans are almost entirely the cause."

But who cares, right? He's just a long time skeptic who is intellectually honest enough to change his beliefs based on scientific evidence. What the hell does he know?