Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The Agony of (Repeated, Extra-Innings) Defeat

Coming into Monday night's game against our own Washington Nationals, the Houston Astros had reeled off a scorching 4 wins in their last 34 games. Then, after tying the NL East-leading Nats in the bottom of the ninth, this happened:

A full breakdown of the breakdown is in this must-read piece, including a tremendous analysis of how the kid shown in the stands became a teenager that night. (No, not like that. Sheesh.) Fortunately, the Astros had set the franchise record for low attendance, managing to just break 13,000, so by the time that happened that particular stretch of infield was more densely populated than the stands so fans were spared the sight of that actually happening.

Then, last night, Houston had the tying and winning runs on base and this happened (sorry, couldn't embed).

If I'm Davey Johnson, I put Bernardina on the mound tonight and get a perfect game out of it.

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Anonymous said...

Nope, Gio's on the mound and he hit a HOMER tonight. We're up 3-1 in the middle of the 3rd.

I could not be happier to be a Nats fan and a Season Ticket Holder!!! Am signed up for next year and took advantage of tickets for post season play.

Go Nats!!!