Thursday, September 20, 2012

At Last, It Can Be Said

Until a few minutes ago I had been rigorously adhering to the Tao of Mora, expressed thusly:

Not any more, though.


Yeah, I'm excited.

NL East pennant discussion lockdown still in full effect.


Anonymous said...

I'm taking some Cub Scouts to See them on Sunday. Should be good.


EMM said...

I'm taking CRH - we'll be in 409.

JCC said...

Bad news, JJV - the Nats are starting Chien-Ming Wang on Sunday. On the bright side, the kids may well see many, many home runs. Which should at least be exciting. Oh, and the weather should be great, too.

Dave S. said...

Bryan is going with a friend and her family. I have warned him to be prepared for adverse results.