Monday, September 03, 2012

Happy National Chair Day!

The Folks over at Legal Insurrection have collected a few rounds for National Chair day.  I suspect the Democrats will have a response next week.  Bill Clinton, Chris Dodd and The Kennedy's are shuddering at the thought of "empty bed" day I hear.  They could get Sandra Fluke to do the bit!


JCC said...

JJV, this is really beneath you. If you can, you should seriously consider deleting this post. It's the trifecta of meaningless, offensive and (worst of all) it's not even funny.

Dave S. said...

I'm going to let this remain as a fine example of what passes for clever thought on the right. Au contraire, JCC - this is precisely at JJV's level.

JCC said...

Your call, birthday boy :)

Really, if it had just been meaningless and unfunny I wouldn't have said anything. The cheap shot at Sandra Fluke is what pushed it over the top for me.

Anonymous said...

Joan of I.U.D.? Is a 30 year old woman who has the government force a Catholic institution to pay for her birth control to facilitate her fornication now unridiculable? If she isn't worth satirizing nothing is. I'll pay for her birth control when she pays for my ammunition.

JCC said...

Presuming that the "anonymous" response was JJV, it merely points up the truth of this quote:

"On the other hand, the GOP has become a childish, self-centered party that is unfit to govern. You don’t need to look any further than in their immature refusal to call the Democratic Party by its real name – instead, they insist on the Democrat Party, the same way that the bully in some 1980s movie would call a character “slob” if his real name was “Bob.” What is the purpose of this? I don’t know. It demeans every Republican candidate when they say it. But it also is of a piece with the Republican inability to engage an elected president from the Democratic party. Republicans didn’t just go after Clinton’s policies – they called him a murderer, a drug dealer, a rapist. They didn’t just go after John Kerry’s policies – they accused him of faking his heroics, of lying his way to a Purple Heart and a Silver Star (in the process raising doubts about the integrity of those awards for every soldier who has won them), and of shooting a boy in the back. They don’t just go after Obama’s policies – they accuse him of being a Kenyan, a socialist, a communist, a euthanizer, and on and on.

Until the Republican party grows up, until they stop lying about economic realities, until they can finally start to behave like they believe in their ideas rather than just demonizing their opponents, then the party is at risk of becoming a minority party forever. Rage, delusions and lies are not the path to power."

The full article is well worth a read:

As a recovering Republican myself, the article resonated with me. As did this one:

As that whacked-out liberal Judge Posner noted, the current crop of Republicans leads one to ponder which is the proper response: "Do you become more conservative? Or do you say, 'What am I doing with this crowd of lunatics?'"

jjv said...

A Democratic Party that has no plan to deal with trillion dollar deficits forever is not worthy of a great nation. The assault on religious liberty embodied by Ms. Fluke, its corporatist crushing of businesses it does not like (coal) for those it does (GM)(Solyndra) and its suspending any law it does not like (DREAM/DOMA) all undermine the rule of law. The states governed by Republicans have lower unemployment and better economies than those of Democrats. Compare Virginia/MD California/Texas, Illinois/Wisconsin. Moreover, as in Soviet days Americans vote with their feet and move to those places governed by the "lunatics" and out of the states governed by the party of "Julia."

Dave S. said...

(Warning: F-bomber en route.)

I guess the short answer to the above is "WTF." But what the hell, he's our troll (working both sides of the bridge!) so somebody's got to feed him. Unfortunately the above word salad is not particularly healthy.

I am especially pleased that you led off with Republican concern trolling about fiscal responsibility. 'Nuff said.

I for one appreciate that the Obama Administration stepped in to save the struggling startup known as GENERAL FUCKING MOTORS.

Kudos for the picking of exquisitely delicate cherries from amongst the data following your sweeping generalization. I don't know much but I do know that in general GOP-governed states tend to take in more Federal monies than they collect, and vice-versa for Democratic-governed states.

Your last sentence is intriguing and I wish to subscribe to its newsletter. Seriously, what the fuck does any of that even mean?

This crap angers me doubly, first because it is crap, and secondly because it is coming from someone with a brain capable of doing far more than spewing troll boilerplate. Blog posts and comments consisting of nothing besides variously-pitched dog whistles* lifted from crayon-scribbled sets of talking points (seriously, I could go anywhere on your blogroll and read this shit) are BORING and LAZY.

*But nothing racist, at least, so he's got that going for him. File under Praise, Faint.