Friday, September 07, 2012

Presidents-To The Pain

This is the greatest historical website..ever.  My own view is Andrew Jackson teams with LBJ in a fight to the death with GWashington and ALinoclon plus Reagan. Grant joins Lincoln to seal the deal.


JCC said...

I find myself concurring with JJV on this web site, although the comments predictably slough off into the lazy "I hate [this President], therefore he would die early and ignominiously." It's equal opportunity, with both Carter and Bush 43 getting a fair amount of undue bashing.

The Carter bashers confuse their hatred of his Presidency and his working on behalf of Habitat for Humanity and other do-gooder organizations with his ability to last in a knife fight. As other commenters point out, the man was a trained Navy man and submariner, and was brave enough to go into a partial melted down reactor do help stabilize it. To say nothing about being able to deal with Hyman Rickover. Whatever anyone may feel about Carter's Presidency, the man had guts.

Dave S. said...

Yes, you would have to think that History's Greatest Monster could go fairly deep in the competition.

Applying no actual thought to this, I have Nixon playing possum then shivving erstwhile winner Andrew Jackson from behind as Old Hickory starts his victory lap.