Saturday, November 17, 2012

Let The Holiday Mashing Begin!

Only four days to go until my favorite Holiday of the year!!!  If I'm counting correctly, Thursday will mark the 22nd Anniversary of the "Orphans' Thanksgiving".  Thanksgiving is my favorite because the majority of the people I love most in the world are together.

The Orphans really know how to throw a party...we have this down to a science as to who will bring what dishes and who will complete the pre/during/post party tasks.  As a "certified meeting professional" and former event manger, it is a joy to be a part of.

Today I went to Wegmans...the mecca of supermarkets.  Grocery shopping is one of my favorite's experience was fantastic from start to finish, including really good bagging (and we know how much P4500 really appreciates good bagging).

I'm in charge of mashed potatoes....15 pounds of the glorious spuds will be lovingly peeled and mashed into submission with the yummy additions of milk, sour cream, butter, salt & pepper.  They are real, and spectacular.  In addition to the potatoes, I'll be making a spread of smoked salmon & dill.  Heavenly.  

We should be graced soon with the rutabaga post...looking forward to reading how this year's crop did, and then enjoying the delectable dish that our Blogmaster and his lovely wife will bring.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Dave S. said...

They certainly are spectacular, and we're looking forward to them!

I am in line at Harris Teeter with a mix of regular and TG supplies. Unfortunately I also need to head across to Safeway to (hopefully) complete the list of things we need for dinner tonight...