Sunday, November 18, 2012

Knights of the Temple of Solomon Are The Good Guys Or I'm Not Playing.

National Review has a nice little article on Assasins Creed III.  I have not played any of the games in this series though they look neat.  One reason is time of course but another is the whole "assasin" thing.  Not a great fan of playing guys who sneak around killing silently.  Not my "idiom" as John Cleese would say.  But I learned from this article that in this game the famous Assasins who opposed the Knights Templar during the Crusades are the good guys!  This is an outrage.  On the other hand neither organization long outlasted the Crusades and both were betrayed by Kings of their own faith.

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Dave S. said...

No, definitely not your idiom.

I did not see the same sort of "outrageous" POV in the Wikipedia article; cite please? (One person's good guys, etc.) It sounds more like the sect was a threat to anyone on the wrong end of a charming combination of hit contracts and inner philosophy.