Thursday, November 29, 2012

One Gift to Rule Them All

Five gold rings? Forget it. My mind is now consumed with LEGO Lord of the Rings for Wii! I shall send forth the Nine Shoppers in their fell minivans, etc.

Based on my experience with LEGO Star Wars for Wii this should be great, and perhaps I may not have to take a back seat to the admittedly better-practiced Bryan. Assuming, of course, that Santa gets the Red Arrow.


Beastybunny said...

This is on my list as well. There is a downloadable level for PC if you want to try it out. Its is every thing we expect from a Lego game!

Click on the treasure chest.

Beastybunny said...

I picked up the PS3 version for my nephew for his bday and I got to play it this evening. SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!