Sunday, November 11, 2012


Riding the metro home after a 12+ hour day in the middle of a long work week, I sat next to 2 twenty-something men. Their one sided conversation was difficult for me to ignore, I really wanted to give the guy talking the “look” (for those of you who know me, this is not a nice look…I’ve been told it is the death look).

Guy #1 is prattling on about whether or not he should get a part time job. He gleefully shared that he’s living rent free with his girlfriend and if he got a job and had income he’d feel “obligated” to contribute. He shared that the only bill he has is for “this” (I did sneak a peek), which was his iPhone. Then he said he had further incentive to not work, because he’s on his parents’ insurance until he’s 26. There was no remorse at all in his being a selfish, slacker loafer.

I’ll bet his parents, who never told him “no”, also send him an allowance and keep his room at home ready for him. They probably have all of his trophies for participating, and not for winning anything. He’ll need that room when his girlfriend gets tired of picking up after him (what? You think he knows how to load a dishwasher or pick up his socks?) and finds someone else.

Millennials – meh.

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jjv said...

A male Obama voter.