Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Tonight's Election Live-Blogging, Fueled by Bowmore

Recently Laura won a small laptop computer as part of a morale-boosting exercise at her workplace, after having announced her imminent departure therefrom. This is allowing me to sit in front of the TV, drink Scotch, and very slowly type this on an unfamiliarly-sized keyboard.

So far, lots of good news for the Democrats, with the Indiana Senate race just being called and Warren winning in MA. Updates as they come in and as I remember to post. Feel free to throw in your comments as we wait for more returns.

Yay, New Hampshire!

... I should probably introduce some solid food into the mix, seeing as how Floridians are still in line to vote.

... McCaskill retains her seat. Insert your own patronizing compliments on Missourians' ability to use common sense.

... Murphy in CT now speaking. Hit her with the chair! Metaphorically, metaphorically.

... A source has called Wisconsin for Baldwin. I'll take it!

... Akin's concession speech is, um, special. Hope he thanks the guy who spray-painted his hair on top. Oh shoot, MSNBC cut away.

... ALLEN CONCEDES. I am so proud to be a part of that. Take your football and go home.

... OK, just watch Comedy Central from here on in, I won't mind.

... And we have an F-bomb!

... Iowa for Obama!

... OK then. Obama has 274. Can't say I'm surprised, the horserace narrative obscured the electoral college advantage.

God bless the United States of America.

... Chuck Todd is touching America's Penis.Gotta watch those goateed guys.

... BREAKING: Bachmann is 50-50 with her House challenger. Cross those digits!

...It's been observed that if Obama wins NV he doesn't need OH, FL or VA. That really should drive the stake into the heart of the horserace narrative.

... MSNBC reports Romney has made The Call.

... BALDWIN!!!

... Romney is completely creepy, not that this is shocking. Give him credit: Romney is making tremendous eye contact with a point ten feet above everyone's heads.

... Obama is being far too conciliatory. Thanking Romney and his sons for public service? Sitting down to discuss stuff? Get out the salt and plows, you know they had that ready for you.


JCC said...

Score one for objective, data-driven analysis over partisan-driven "gut feelings." The right wing punditocracy fantasy world finally had a collision with reality. They were shocked, notwithstanding that Princeton, 538.com and several other sources had been telling them what was coming for weeks. Truly "none so blind as those who would not see." Even our redoubtable JJV was taken in by the Rovian seduction, referring to President Obama as "dead man walking" on this very blog.

Favorite moment of the night: when the Fox News anchor turned to Rove, when Rove kept trying to puff up Romney's chances in Ohio after FN called the race for Obama, and said completely earnestly: "is this math that you do regularly as a political analyst? Or is this math that you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better?"

Read that again. She wasn't being snarky, it was a straight question.

The question is how long the right wing punditocracy will take to find some story to tell itself about how they were actually right all along, or that the answer to their dilemma is to become MORE conservative. A lot is riding on this, not just for the Republican Party, but for the country. We need a responsible, reality-based opposition party to provide reasonable alternatives and a rational check. It's been (at least) four years since we've gotten that from the Republican Party, and with the coming challenges the nation can't afford a b*****t crazy opposition.

jjv said...

Hey read the below post. I assumed Romney would lose.

JCC said...

Fair enough, although you were still hoping for what the USAF pilots call "the golden BB" (the impossible luck shot, like a rifle bullet that takes down an A-10). I don't blame you for that, although I utterly, completely, and profoundly disagree with the "America of self reliance is dead" reasoning. I'm sure that disgruntled Republicans were muttering the same thing after the New Deal, and yet somehow the country managed to navigate WWII, the Cold War and make the leading leap into the information age.*

So I'll allow that you had more of a sense of objective reality than most Fox News acolytes - although the "dead man walking" comment about Obama was yours, and I challenged you on it at the time. Hey, maybe it was that challenge that opened you up to reality!

*Given Ike's support of 50% taxation in order to balance a budget, massive investment in the interstate highway system, and cautions about the military-industrial complex, it can be reasonably and objectively argued that President Obama is closer to being an Eisenhower Republican than he is to being a true socialist. But we'll save that for another time. :)

PS: A closing note. President Obama's second inauguration will be on the Martin Luther King Holiday Monday (January 21st). I think that's fitting. And fiscally prudent, too - it saves the Government a holiday for the employees in the DC area!