Monday, December 24, 2012

Ain't That America

So now I guess we have to start arming firefighters. I look forward to Wayne LaPierre's next performance.

Merry Christmas.


jjv said...

How about Rahm Emmanuel who rules-unchallenged by any conservatives- the most deadly place in America with its strictest most civil liberty denying laws in the country on guns:

Behold liberal solutions:

John C. said...

Whatever one thinks of the scope of the Second Amendment, it is ridiculous to consider the efficacy of local gun control when it is easily circumvented by simply going across state lines and acquiring weapons. As well as the difficulty of dealing with all of the guns legally already in circulation.

The massive toll of human lives that firearms take is a heavy price to pay to be able to call out a well-regulated militia. I am also deeply skeptical that most Founders felt the arms born by the people were to defend them from the national government. Sedition and treason laws were on the books early, and George Washington did not hesitate to use force of arms to put down insurrection.

LaPierre is a joke. Even the New York Post called him out, and when the NRA loses the NYP you know tgey've jumped the shark.

jjv said...

The shooter in this case broke federal law in having a firearm. Again, as this post by a Hamilton grad shows these laws entangle the law abiding and are flouted by criminals and liberal news anchors.

Are we to prosecute David Gregory? If not, why? Is he less dangerous than any other (otherwise) law abiding citizen with an AR-15 magazine?

EMM said...

I'm a Rochester, NY native and my dad and grandfather were firemen. This was a profoundly sad and horrific event.

RIP to the fallen and God bless the two men as they recover.

smrty.mrty said...

I think that Karen Read knew the firefighters. Her husband is a Rochester firefighter. What a terrible event.