Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hey Sports Fans!

Are you ready for some Baseball?!?!

Today the pitchers and catchers reported for duty!  Only 47 days to go...I can't wait.

Welcome to President Taft...the Nationals newest racing mascot...he'll join the Rushmores to race in the middle of the 4th inning.  Questions abound as to will he win, blah, blah, blah, will he and Teddy brawl?  Who knows? Who cares?  I hope the race continues to be campy.  Personally, I think they should have made Taft "tubby" and planned on him missing races due to his visiting of the concession stands. 

Farewell to my baseball boyfriend Michael Morse...good luck in Seattle.  His bobble-head will continue to grace my office...the samurai cobra stance brings good vibes.  Will his walk up "Take on Me" continue on as a Nationals anthem?  I hope so...it was fun last year to see/hear the fan participation increase as the season went along.  MM was a great igniter of Nattitude, thank you Beast Mode!

The Washington Nationals opened up their pre-sale of Opening Day tickets to partial-plan season ticket holders today...of course I took advantage and purchased 4 tickets.

I'll be waiting for the notice that my Season Tickets are printed and ready for me to pick up...in person...signature required...I love that day!!!

See you at the Ballpark!

Go Nats!!!


JCC said...

You had your season tickets printed? I thought the Nationals were doing this passcard thingy this year, where they turn your Red Carpet Rewards card into your ticket. I miss my cardboard ticket.

On Taft, the team has sent the Presidents off to Mt. Rushmore for some gimmick they are calling "Bill (Taft) and Ted's (Roosevelt) Excellent Adventure." I'm sure hilarity will ensue.

I did pick up my tickets for Opening Day yesterday. C'mon, April!

EMM said...

Hey there JCC - I had not paid attention to the season tix distro...just assumed it would be like all other years.

Where are your seats? I'm in 409 on the George Plan. For 4/1, I have 416.

46 Days!

JCC said...

My normal seats are in 312, on the Teddy plan; for OD I sprang for the lower bowl, though - section 116 :)